Powering the DropShipping Revolution


Market Growth

Access new geographic markets or grow your presence in existing ones.

Access Customer Data

Access the customer bases of multiple established online retail platforms / businesses.

Diversity Sales Channels

Reduce your reliance on a single large distribution channel.

Lower Costs

Costs are low Versus the sales upside and in Comparison to Marketing budgets required to achieve the same.

Simple Setup

Sign up and access new sales channels, then gradually ramp up distribution capabilities to match new demands.

Take control of your DropShipping business with avasam - Automated processes, easy payments and intuitive reporting add up to make things simpler for you and the team, while allowing you to not just increase Sales volume, but to do so with the team you already have, no more.

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Increased profits

Without unnecessary middle men, the seller can price its products at market value and run a profitable business.

Automated Systems

Import product quickly, process orders in one click. No time needed for pricing, packing and despatching.

Save Time

Great option for those with existing eCommerce sales Platform, or those with full - time jobs or just plan busy schedules.

Less Risks

The Seller only pays for the good it sells, so there is no need to busy inventory in bulk.

Quick Setup

Sign up and Start selling the same day without the hassle of managing physical stock.


Don't waste time and effort on boring,complicated manual processes - DropShipping works better with automated processes, so you're more productive and encounter less erros.

Increased Revenue

Online seller? Looking to increase your inventory & income?

Wholesale supplier who wants to grow without the hassle of and eCommerce presence?

Easy Payment

Safer, simpler payments, with no paperwork.

Payments between DropShippers and DropSeekers are instant & secure with PayPal and Stripe

Intuitive Reporting

Don't waste time with complex spreadsheets - benefit from better data and build your business with simple, easily accessible reporting that enable you to make the best decisions.